Clifton E. and Clinton M. Frederick, 1939

Traditional Funeral Services
Include calling hours, funeral service, procession to cemetery

Calling hours, also known as a wake, can occur before or the day of the funeral service. Calling hours are usually at the funeral home. You can choose 2:00-4:00 p.m., 7:00 -9:00 p.m., 5:00-8:00, one or two hours before the funeral or any combination that meets your needs. During calling hours the deceased is typically present. You may choose to keep the casket open or closed. If the deceased was cremated first the cremains are usually in an urn if present for calling hours.  The funeral service can be held at the funeral home or church.

Graveside Service
A funeral service at the cemetery only

Direct Cremation
No calling hours or funeral service. The deceased is taken to the crematory without ceremony.

Following the cremation the cremated remains (also called cremains, not ashes) are returned to you in a temporary container, unless you choose to purchase an urn. Cremains may be buried in a public or private cemetery, entombed in a columbarium, scattered or retained by the family. There are rules and regulations concerning the disposition of cremated remains in the United States. These rules and regulations vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction , therefore it is recommended that you check with your state or local authorities before scattering. Regulating agencies may include the Department of Health, Board of Health and cemetery boards.

Direct Burial
No calling hours or funeral service. The deceased in buried without ceremony.

The family does not attend the burial.

Cremation with Services
Calling hours and funeral service before or after cremation

Services Followed By Cremation

The deceased may be present for calling hours and the funeral service, with cremation to follow. You may choose a rental cremation casket or wooden casket.  Following the funeral service the remains are cremated and the family may have a service at  the graveside or the cremains may be returned to the family. 

Cremation Followed By Services

The deceased is cremated and the cremated remains (cremains) may be present for calling hours and a funeral service or absent for calling hours and a memorial service.  Following the service you may choose a procession to the cemetery for a commital service and interment, the cremains can be returned to the family, or interment can be handled privately by the funeral home.

Memorial Services
Services without the deceased or cremated remains present

A memorial service can be held at the funeral home, your church or other location you choose.

Ship In or Ship Out
Receiving the deceased from a distant location or sending the deceased to distant location when death occurs away from home.

If a loved one should die away from home we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible. We can make arrangements for his or her return and meet with you when you are able. We will make all of the necessary arrangements out of the county, state or country. 

If your loved one should die unexpectedly in our area, we are able to coordinate with your local funeral home to return him or her home. We will complete all documents necessary and arrange transportation by hearse or common carrier in a timely manner.

Anatomical Donations
Donation of the deceased to an approved anatomical program.

Anatomical donation is the donation of your body to approved medical school programs that use your gift as an opportunity for medical students to learn about the human body’s structure. Limitations for who may make an anatomical gift differ across programs, and may include the age of the deceased as well as physical criteria (i.e. communicable diseases or excessive obesity). The anatomical gift must be received within 48 hours and most programs do not accept anatomical donation after embalming. The family of the anatomical donor may have calling hours without their loved one present and a memorial service. To learn more about anatomical gifts, please contact us.

Other General Information

We will notify Social Security, complete and file the NYS death certificate, obtain a burial permit, complete veteran’s forms (for United States flag, government headstone or marker and VA burial allowance, if applicable) and coordinate with the appropriate branch of the armed forces to provide for military honors. We provide obituary information to newspapers for publication, along with a photograph if you provide us with one and coordinate with the clergy, cemetery, bag piper, interpreter, transportation agencies for ship-in, ship-out.

We will help you tailor services to meet your religion, culture, needs and preferences. This may be one or a combination of services listed. We want to assist you in creating the services appropriate for you and your family.

In New York State the services of a registered funeral home and licensed funeral director are required before any disposition of the deceased may occur. We employ three NYS Licensed Funeral Directors with over 80 years of combined funeral experience.

Professional Memberships

Jefferson-Lewis Funeral Directors Association
St. Lawrence County Funeral Directors Association
NYS Funeral Directors Association
Jefferson County Association of Cemeteries